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After more than 10,000 hours providing psychotherapy to both men and women, I still love my work. Helping people feel better feels great.


Complimentary initial phone interview.


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Nancy Marrocco
Registered Psychotherapist (RP 001087), BA, BEd, MRE, OAMHP-certified

These photos show Lake Ontario, near my office. This powerful, ever-changing expanse of water and sky is where I go for peace, inspiration and promise. I hope you find that too. (4 of 5)

If you’re unsure about psychotherapy, be encouraged and reassured of:

  • Unconditional acceptance – no judgment, just come as you are
  • Variety & choice – try out techniques and pick what works for you: visualization, meditation, breathwork, journalling, good questions, or just plain talking and being heard
  • Variable pace – go as slowly as you want, or fast-track
  • Support – get help to where you might not go alone
  • Hope – get excited about who you are, your unique potential
  • Learn – useful skills no one taught you before
  • Recover – get stronger where you’ve been weak, healed where you’ve been hurt, find answers to your own hard questions
  • Make good decisions – about restoring a relationship or ending peacefully
  • Rest – in a quiet, comfortable place where you can feel safe


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